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(L-R) Dr. Lawrence Burgess, Pearl Bachiller, Beth-Ann Burgess

2023 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Pearl Bachiller and Julius Villaro, they are the Kalino Foundation's 2023 Pauahi Scholarship recipients!  After finishing her Bachelor's degree in molecular and cell biology, Pearl Bachiller plans on completing her Ph.D. in immunology.  She has also been hired by a biotechnologies company with a lab at UH Manoa where she will assist her supervisor in conducting research for immunotherapies that target cancer.  She currently attends UH Manoa. 

Julius Villaro's career goal is to work in cancer research to honor his late father who bravely lost his battle with the disease.  Julius currently attends UH Manoa and is passionate about bringing awareness of rare cancers and advocating for patient treatment here in Hawaii.  


Dr. Lawrence Burgess

Leaving a legacy for future Native Hawaiians

Dr. Burgess speaks on his desire to honor his great-grandfather, Reverend John Kalino, through the establishment of the Kalino Foundation Scholarship. Like Ke Aliʻi Pauahi, this will leave a legacy for future native Hawaiian leaders that will be here forever. Cheyenne Bajo reflects on how scholarships like these matter because they not only open up a world of opportunity for her and her community, but to others looking up to her, that there is a way forward, and that many around want to help. The Pauahi Foundation partners with many generous donors, which include Native Hawaiian organizations such as the Kalino Foundation, to

establish endowed scholarships for post-secondary education,that will continue on into perpetuity. View video story here.

(L-R) Chandler Law, Cheyenne Bajo

2022 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Chandler Law and Cheyenne Bajo, they are the Kalino Foundation's 2022 Pauahi Scholarship Recipients!  Chandler plans to go to medical school after he graduates with his bachelor’s degree. Cheyenne plans to get her PHD in nursing and envisions herself working as a pediatric

endocrinology nurse practitioner helping children with diabetes. 

(L-R) Haley Nakawatase UCLA, Keahilele Chaminade School of Nursing

2021 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Haley Nakawatase of UCLA and Keahilele Reyes at Chaminade University School of Nursing. They are the Kalino Foundation's 2021 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients!


(L-R) Kahana Ikona Sanchez KCC Nursing, Elliott Markell UH Manoa

2020 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Kahana Ikona Sanchez of Kapiolani Comminity College Nursing Program and Elliott Markell of University of Hawaii at Manoa. They the Kalino Foundation's 2020 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients!


2019 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Kalaimaikala Aukai of University of Southern California and Keahilele Reyes of Chaminade University. They are the Kalino Foundation's 2019 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients!


2018 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Keahilele Reyes of Chaminade University and Christian Tamashiro of University of Oregon. They are the Kalino Foundation's 2018 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients!


(L-R) Erica Taliaferro, Lauren Robenson (Bastyr University), Jessi Hall, Kekoa Taliaferro

2017 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Lauren Robenson of Bastyr University and Jericha Tararas of Boston University. They are The Kalino Foundation's 2017 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients!


(L-R) Dr Lawrence Burgess, Mrs. Rista, Richard Rista (Creighton University), Keanu Arke (UH Hilo), Mrs. Arke,

2016 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Richard Rista of Creighton University and Keanu Are of University of Hawaii Hilo.  They are The Kalino Foundation's 2016 Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Recipients!  


2014-2015 Pauahi Foundation Annual Report

Kalino LLC and The Kalino Foundation's partnership with the Pauahi Foundation is helping us to achieve our goal of improving the wellness of the Hawaiian Community.  The Pauahi Foundation accomplishes its mission by building community partnerships that improve the lives within the Native Hawaiian community through education.  This mission aligns perfectly with Kalino LLC and The Kalino Foundation and we look forward to many more years of helping the Native Hawaiian Community thrive through our joint efforts! 

Kalino Foundation donates $115,000 to the Pauahi Foundation

In December 2014, the Pauahi Foundation received a donation of $115,000 from the Kalino Foundation – a nonprofit organization focused on enhancing the well-being of Native Hawaiians through business opportunities, cultural activities, education, research, environmental preservation, gainful employment, and health care. 

Kalino LLC/Kalino Foundation donated a total of $10,000 in 2013 and 2014 to the Queens Medical Center Giving Campaign to support the Medical Center's activities.

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